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The rise of PUBG Mobile 🤗

If you are looking for a functional PUBG Mobile Generator, then you will find dozens of online offers, out of which more than 80% seem suspicious to say the least. Excluding revenues from third-party Android stores from all across China, PUBG mobile has seen a phenomenal increase in revenue in the last months.

To be more specific, people were spending well below $10M in early 2018, while in July 2019 alone spending exceeded $160M, and that is just the month of July not the yearly spending!

There have been numerous articles on the subject, but all in all PUBG did go beyond one billion US dollars in revenue – pretty amazing, if you ask me! The spike also includes all devices, Android and iOS alike, which makes it even more popular because no user is limited by their preference for Apple products or Android devices. India is one of the countries with many users of PUBG mobile – mainly because 65% of their population is aged 35 or less.

Learning to hack PUBG Mobile

Being an experienced PUBG Mobile player myself, I had to learn how to hack PUBG Mobile. I need to say it wasn’t easy for me to find any amazing cheats for PUBG Mobile, and it was so frustrating that I couldn’t find a good PUBG Mobile UC Generator or, at least any workaround – maybe a PUBG Mobile UC Hack.

After my endless searches I’ve grouped together with my team mates – fellow enthusiasts of PUBG Mobile to create the perfect Working Generator for UC in PUBG Mobile. As we all know how different we are – some of us have iPhones and the others are proud of their new Samsung Galaxy S10+ devices – we made sure that we build it all using one rule: making sure it works on any device.

Step 1 – you will first need to use our online generator tool or simply download the PUBG Mobile UC Generator on your device. It is free of charge – you won’t pay anything.

Step 2 – you will be wondering what the catch is, why is it free? Well, no catch! We love PUBG mobile and if we had the chance, we’d sometimes play 24/7. That is how involved we are, and we always wanted others to enjoy gameplay as much as we do.

Step 3 – just press the buttons on our simple interface, whether you downloaded the tool or are using it online – and it will allow you to Get Unlimited UC in PUBG Mobile. But wait, what about BP? Yes, same for BP, you will also Get Unlimited BP in PUBG Mobile with our simple tool! Delays from server communication should be minimal (20ms), but if your internet connection isn’t great, allow a few seconds before you check your PUBG Mobile account.

Last Update : 18 September 2020

The generator is updated daily to ensure safety and smooth operation.

Anti-Ban 👁️

The Anti-Ban script makes sure you are safe from any bans.

Proxy 🌐

Our generator maintains your anonymity at all times.

Compatible 📱

The hack works on Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.

Why cheating will help you win?

We all know that getting the much needed UC in PUBG mobile costs money. You can get BP without actually spending money – but it’s not the same with UC. BP will be given to you whenever you complete missions and basically whenever you rank higher.

There are also many fake rumours around converting BP to UC, but do not waste your time thinking it’s real and thinking it’s a way to obtain a working PUBG Mobile UC Hack. If there will be a one-time promotion – yes, we’d all be happy. Until then, let’s keep the facts.

If you generate UC in PUBG Mobile using our tool you will obviously not be spending any money, whether that’s your own money or even worse, a loan or funds from your credit cards. So, without your own financial efforts you will get UC – which is really nothing else but the virtual currency used in PUBG Mobile.

Then, using the UC you have, you will win easily because you will have any premium items you want. Why any? Because with our cheat to get unlimited UC in PUBG Mobile you will be able to buy even the most expensive in-game items, ones that probably very few players have.

Features of our working generator for UC in PUBG Mobile

You must be wondering what features our tool offers? First and foremost, it is fully antiban. Using our free PUBG Mobile UC Generator will not get your account suspended or banned.

Proxy protection will further ensure that nobody will be able to track it back to our servers or to yourself, so even if anyone of the PUBG Mobile developers had a sense that you may be using cheats for PUBG Mobile, they can never know and never prove it.

But, after all, did you want a UC Generator for PUBG Mobile on Android? Or was it a PUBG Mobile UC Generator for iOS the one you needed? Our best feature is that it doesn’t matter! Our PUBG Mobile Generator works perfectly on iOS and Android too, which means you can enjoy our hacks limitlessly.

What about an antivirus picking up this PUBG Mobile UC Generator as a virus? Even if it’s a fake detection? We’ve thought about it beforehand and made sure that it won’t happen – our tool is never reported as a virus, and we’ve tested both well-known and not-so-popular mobile antivirus tools.

Can I use the PUBG Mobile hack without surveys or human verification?

Now you learned how to hack PUBG Mobile without spending money, but the next good questions is whether you’ll be able to use it without completing boring surveys or other forms of human verification? We do offer a free and fully functional, cross-platform working generator for UC in PUBG Mobile and you will be happy to know that the only verification we included is a simple recaptcha.

PUBG Mobile Proof for the generator

We too hate it when people come up with their so-called “free” PUBG Mobile UC Generator solutions, but as soon as you attempt using them, you are sent around 10 virus-filled websites in circles, filling out unwanted subscriptions and surveys – by which you already know their funding, and their lies and deceit as well.

It is so sad that the honesty nowadays approaches a bare minimum – these people don’t even have a working tool and they are even getting money from selling antivirus solutions for the viruses you’d be getting while filling out those third-party surveys, and if that wasn’t enough – they even get money off the people who set up the surveys in the first place!

With our tool, you really have no surveys! That is a promise! You do have a recaptcha, which brings us absolutely no revenue, but it is a way for us to prevent bots and abusive users from harnessing our tool’s power. Knowing our cheats for PUBG Mobile were developed in-house, by real players of PUBG Mobile should be reassuring – knowing we earn no money off your back is just a further proof of our integrity!


I hope you will find our tool useful, because there’s nothing better than knowing there is a working generator for UC in PUBG Mobile out there, free of charge, functioning on both iOS and Android devices. We do recommend you download and install our tool on your device, but if you don’t want to, you can always use it online, directly!

As soon as you read this article, you don’t need to search for more ways to generate UC in PUBG Mobile, because our PUBG Mobile Generator works cleanly, quickly and doesn’t fill you with ads. Winner winner, chicken dinner my dear friend.

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